Men’s Treatments


Deep Cleansing & Relaxing balance Facial

A refreshing treatment for skins prone to breakouts and blemishes. The essential oils and plant extracts are healing and antiseptic, designed to balance the skin’s natural oils. A tension releasing massage is performed on the back, neck and shoulder and scalp to improve circulation and relax the body.

Sports Facial

An energising up-lifting facial especially designed for men. A deep cleanse is followed by gentle exfoliation with stimulating massage around the neck, shoulders and face to relieve stress and tension.

Ideal for all skin types, especially those suffering from congestion and dryness.

Luxury Back, Face and Scalp

This deluxe treatment incorporates a full back massage, concentrating on stressed and tense areas. A relaxing facial treatment follows, including face and scalp massage to totally de-stress and relax the mind.

Men’s Manicure/Pedicure

A luxurious hand or foot treatment, including nail shaping, cuticle conditioning and finishing with a deep massage.

Back/Chest Wax

Waxing gives a silky smooth finish and has the major advantage of helping with a slower regrowth period with softer, finer hair.